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Want to be a weirdo? Try foley

I am very excited to announce that #GimletMedia just released the follow up to last year's hit "The Horror of Dolores Roach" featuring sound design, foley and mix by Diplomacy Music.

It's a horror (VERY ADULT) scripted podcast about Dolores, a woman trying to put her life back together in NYC after 15 years in prison. She ends up.... well.... biting off more than she can chew... so to speak.... ahem.

What I'm trying to say is the show features a lot of cannibalism.

Which means as sound designer and foley artist, I had to produce the sounds of murdering, butchering, and eating humans. It. Was. Crazy.

But so much fun.

I recorded cans of soup, 15 different doors and footstep locations, cutting and ripping up fruits, and myself sitting quietly in a room full of garbage bags.

The Horror Dolores Roach Season 2.

Out now from Gimlet Media and Spotify

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